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RTW: Your Dream Retreat

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RTW: Your Dream Retreat

This Week’s Topic–from yahighway Describe your dream writing retreat. Where would you go? Who and what would you bring? There are lots of places I’d love to go to, but only one that’s feels other worldly to me: The Galapagos Islands. Here’s an island full of exotic creatures and clear blue water. The perfect setting […]

So it begins

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Today officially kicks off NaNoWro! I almost didn’t write…I was on a plane flying back home and in the middle of reading an amazing romantic fairytale of a book–The Amaranth Enchantment–and only a few chapters away from the end. I really, really debated not writing, but then what way is that to start off NaNoWro? I […]

Hating and Loving Your MS

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There comes a point during the editing/revising period where you hate your novel. Then you tweak it, get a sense of accomplishment and query–only to be rejected. You go back to hating your ms, thinking you’re a terrible writer, and decided to shelve the novel. A few day pass, you pick the story back up and […]

Third Writer’s Building ..

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Third Writer’s Building Campaign

Rachael Harrie is having a writer’s building campaign. This is my first one and it seems like a great way to meet other bloggers. For all the details check out her site. I joined a YA group and can’t wait to meet everyone. This is a short post because Irene is barreling her way to Long Island and […]

Lazy Writer

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Lazy Writer

This is my pup, Achilles. I often feel like he does in this pic. I’ll admit it. I’m lazy. It’s not a redeeming quality, but everyone has to know their weaknesses. The worst is I can see it in my writing. I can actually tell when I’m being lazy about a sentence. I’ll give you an example and […]

Using Video Games To Write

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Using Video Games To Write

I’m a gamer. Always have been, always will be. My biggest problem today? Fitting gaming into my busy schedule. Sure I could come home from work, not cook and clean, or write and just spend endless hours getting shot in COD, but what kind of mother/wife would I be? And forget ever getting published. Since […]

Life of a Blog

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Life of a Blog

Artist-Cory Alexander Tilton When I started this blog, it was focused on gaming. It’s my first one, and I’m slowly learning the inner workings of it. The more time I spend parading around other people’s blogs and tweeting away, I’ve realized a blog doesn’t have to stay constant. It should be changing and evolving, because […]