Book Series: Spartan Academy

Melody of Darkness

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Good boys go to Ivy League Schools. Bad boys go to Spartan.

When Jackson gets expelled from HS, his rich uncle sends him to Stonyhurst in England where he'll learn to control his rage and use it for world peace or something less exciting.

What Jackson doesn't know is that at night selected members of the school go underground where the real education begins. The true purpose of Stonyhurst is as dark and twisted as the original Grimm's Fairy Tales. Between Jackson's lucid nightmares and the demonic horrors hidden below the surface, not everything is what it seems. Teens are going missing and someone wants Jackson dead.

When everything Jackson believes is stripped away, it will take more than his fists to survive his freshmen year and save his new friends.

Stonyhurst isn't just a school.
 It's a life or death sentence.

Gritty and spellbinding, Melody of Darkness is perfect for readers looking for unique worldbuilding, tantalizing fantasy, and lots of action. 
The paperback version contains EXCLUSIVE artwork for each chapter. A unique gift for any bookworm!

***Suitable for ages 16+ due to darker themes and violence***