Eliza’s Eleven Scouts

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Happy Sunday!!!

Next month, Deceptively Beautiful: A Daath Wedding, will release. While it’s book 4 in the series, only SOME of your favorite characters will make an appearance.


Here’s the blurb:

While war plagues the various lands, Daath is preparing for the grandest celebration in its history. Lucino and Jeslyn will marry, uniting their people and erasing the scars left from the battle of the valley and the destruction of the temple.
But something is amiss between the couple, and Jeslyn fears Lucino is reverting back to his more ruthless, Reptilian nature. As the days to the wedding draw near, Jeslyn must decide if the man she intends to marry, is the one she should.

When Romulus created the simulacrum, Lucino knew there would be risks, and consequences from using such dark magic. What he never foresaw was his clone taking his place as the ruler of Daath. After a vicious attack from his clone, a protective spell is triggered and Lucino is teleported back to his dying world.

If Lucino doesn’t find a way off Mirth, Jeslyn will bind her aura to the wrong man and ultimately change the outcome of the future of Daath, and every other land in Tarrtainya.

And he only has six days to do it.

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I’m so excited for these next few months. BIG THINGS are happening.

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