Fantasy Fridays: 80’s Cartoons

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I’m not sure where my love of fantasy originated from, but I do know cartoons played a part.

A princess with the power of a rainbow who rides a prideful rainbow horse? GENIUS.

Bears with cute little tummies that use those sparkling things to fight evil? How could you not love it? Plus, Care Bears had a few cool villains. Classic good vs evil.

Do you remember The Wuzzles? Creatures half lion and half butterfly? It doesn’t get more fantasy than that!

There are plenty of great cartoons, but these gems formed a fantastic imagination. Fantasy is an escape. Yes, it can have elements of reality, but the joy comes from experiencing something you’ve never seen before. While I love other genres, fantasy will always be my favorite.

Because after a 40hr work week and two kids, I NEED  an escape : )

7 responses to “Fantasy Fridays: 80’s Cartoons

  1. I loved Care Bears as a kid. I was obsessed with them, actually. And The Smurfs (I loved Smurfette). I loved a lot of cartoons. I haven't watched Rainbow Brite though 🙁 Though I do have to admit, that even at 25, I still sometimes like to watch cartoons *blushes* Old cartoons, not the creepy stuff that's on TV right now.

  2. Nice. I'm an 80s kid as well. Love(d) the 80's cartoons, too. I loved Rainbow Brite as a child, and think I still have some of the dolls around here, somewhere. I also liked Strawberry Shortcake and Barbie as well.

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