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My generation (I’m an 80’s baby) had an amazing collection of teen movies: Pretty in Pink, Footloose, Breakfast Club, Grease ect. I started wondering what teens today have and I’m drawing a blank..forget about Twilight and Harry Potter, what else do they watch?

Below is a list of few films I’d watch a lot. Some of them, I still do (just watched Goonies over vacation).

There are so many more, pretty much anything will Molly Ringwald I watched obsessively.

What movies do you think today’s teens watch?

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  1. I wanted to put Clueless in my manuscript but my editor said nobody would get it. I had to change it to Mean Girls instead. And switch out references to Leo for Zac Efron. Where is Zac now!? (And I hope they redo Adventures in Babysitting, sorta)

  2. I love all those movies you listed 🙂 Such a good collection. I think I own half of them.

    I'm guessing most teens go for anything with a little action, a little comedy, a whole heap of tension and if you're a romantic, like me, an awesome love story.

    I love teen movies. I think they rock.

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