Eliza Tilton’s Bookshelf

Hi there! I’m Eliza Tilton, USA Today Bestselling author of Fantasy and Paranormal tales. My stories are fast-paced, full of anti-hereos, and action.

All of my books are clean, except the Spartan Academy which is a co-written series with my husband.


In this YA Epic Fantasy series, brother and sister will discover who they really are in a world where shapeshifters are invading, enemies become friends, and sacrifice will be the only solution to stop a war.

Unholy Magic Saga

In this YA Paranormal series the daughter of a priest will have to use her magic to stop an occult from destroying England and all of the world. This haunting gothic romance takes place in Victorian England and is perfect for readers who enjoy a sweet romance, zombies, and a historical setting.

Spartan Academy

This Urban Fantasy series is not for the faint of heart. Between the monsters, occult themes, villains that will make you cringe, and gritty fight scenes, this series is recommended for readers 18+. There’s high-tech military equipment, magical weapons, vengeful vampires, and a world on the brink of collapse. If you like your fantasy a bit darker and violent, this is the series for you.

*The paperback version includes custom artwork for each chapter to enhance your reading experience*